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805 14th Street, Golden CO 80401

Enter the studio from the PARKING LOT IN BACK.

If you're coming for a private session you can park in that back lot, right by the studio entrance. If you're coming for class please do not park in the back lot.

You many also use the 14th street entrance, which is a few doors to the right of the coffee shop entrance. This is great when it's snowy so you don't have to walk around back.

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How Yoga Therapy Works So Well For Pain & Fatigue

If you've watched my clients' testimonials and wonder how yoga can get such remarkable results fixing neck, back, hip and knee pain...

...or if you struggle with auto immune symptoms and are surprised to see my clients who credit yoga for their remission, restored energy, improved digestion or no longer needing pain pills...


Fix Pain, Restore Energy & Heal AutoImmune

Specializing in Chronic Pain & Auto Immune Recovery For Over 30 years

The Secret To Fixing Pain with Yoga

#1) Genius

I'm not a genius but I studied with one for decades. His name was BKS Iyengar and he was a medical genius in the field of yoga. You wouldn't believe the problems he fixed, every single day. People traveled from everywhere in the world to get relief from pain and physiological issues that nobody else could help. My clients get great results because I copy exactly what he discovered and taught. 

The Secret To Improving Auto Immune Symptoms with Yoga

#1) Support the Vital Organs

Your body is a healing machine, but over time it gets stiff and crooked. This puts strain on the lungs, heart, circulation, gut, endocrine glands, immune system, etc.

Yoga postures can be set up in specific ways that reduce that strain and make more space for the internal organs, which helps them function optimally. 

The results can be amazing, because given the right support your body knows exactly what to do to recover and rebuild your health. 

#2) Restore the Nervous System

Your nervous system organizes every healing process in your body. And it's overloaded with stress. Practicing specific yoga postures correctly will release a significant amount of that stress which helps your body come back to homeostasis (balance). 

#2) Simplify 

Very simple exercises done correctly ensure safety and get great results because you can make sure the position is perfect and the body will respond when it's not stressed.

#3) Personalize the Practice

Most people doing yoga are trying to push their body to fit into a yoga posture. Never do that if you want to fix your body. Instead, always modify the posture to accommodate your body. 

Pain Testimonials

3 Auto Immune Testimonials

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with Yoga Therapy & Rolfing in Golden, CO

Transform Your Body with Rolfing

Most people know they have "bad posture" but they have no idea the impact it makes on their health. When your body is stiff and crooked you're losing a battle you don't even know you're fighting - with the downward force of gravity that is always upon you. 

Rolf Integration re-aligns the body with hands-on bodywork which relieves pain by re-aligning your joints, making space in the body, and improving your posture. Over 10 sessions your body will get straighter, your movement will become easier, and you will feel a new lightness as you "line up" with gravity's downward force instead of being pummeled down by it. 

Before & After 10 Sessions of Rolf Integration

I learned from the best and have been able to help so many people who thought they were stuck with pain and/or fatigue get life changing results.

I helped a 79 year old grandfather fix chronic back pain he'd had for 10 years.

I helped a client with Lupus get into remission and stay there for 22+ years.

I helped an ultra-marathoner who could only run 3 miles completely fix his knee pain and get back to his game.

I helped a client with an autoimmune disorder get off pain pills in 2 weeks.

The list goes on and on, as you can see from my testimonials...

...and I'd love to help you too!

Call or email now to schedule a free chat about your current body/health goals. 

Work With Me

 Christian Leeby: certified Rolfer® & certified Yoga Therapist

Hi my name is Christian Leeby and if you're in pain, can't get your energy back, or just want to seriously upgrade how your body works and feels for you, schedule a private session with me.  

certified Rolfer®

certified Yoga Therapist